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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm here in Taipei now ... it's very warm in comparison to New York City (it has a tropical climate), but it's surprisingly chilly at times. Walking the streets on a 75*F, sunny and breezy afternoon, I saw people wearing everything from tank tops and shorts to shorts/skirts with tights to knit sweaters to fall coats and Uggs.

Here are some photos from my walk around the 101 Building (which is featured upside down in my blog's header), which was the world's tallest building between 2004 and 2010, when a building in -- where else -- Dubai overtook it. If you haven't already guessed, the 101 stands for the 101 floors of the building, although I read that it has an additional 5 floors below ground. It's still the world's largest and tallest green building, so that's quite an accomplishment. Sometime during my stay, I would like to get to the top and take in the view of the city.

A mall supposedly occupies part of the building. I'll have to check that out.

Different side of the building

There was also one of those red LOVE sculptures (in Philadelphia, done by Robert Indiana) in front of the building. 

source: AllPosters.com

Some preliminary fashion observations from my few days here in Taipei, in addition to the "dress for all seasons" one I already mentioned:

Black tights
Before I came, I thought the trend here would be pink ruffles, but turns out it's actually black tights. I've seen 'em paired with denim shorts (didn't that trend pass like 5 years ago?), tweed shorts, short skirts and t-shirts not quite long enough to serve as dresses. Fortunately, I brought one pair of black tights with me. Unfortunately, I disposed of the cute dotted black tights at the last minute.

My friends and I discovered the term "Eskiho" back in college. It was one of those Urban Dictionary terms to describe people who wear summer clothing (usually shorts or miniskirts) with Uggs. Well, there are a lot of Eskihoes here. I purposely did not bring my Uggs here because I thought it would be too warm, but what do you know? Everyone wears Uggs around here, many with bare legs and short shorts.

I keep smelling the same cologne around these parts. It smells like D&G's Light Blue, which I know is really popular in the U.S., but on men? I'm assuming there's a "pour homme" version of the perfume.

During my walk, I also passed the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Chung-shan Park, Taipei's City Hall, and the Taipei Convention Center, but I didn't take any photos. Once I get into the swing of things, I hope to do more picture-taking ... right now my main concern is learning my way around and not getting lost!

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