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Monday, November 14, 2011

I can't say any one song really infuriates me, but there are a couple of songs I really dislike and choose not to listen to. Among these are songs from Katy Perry's first album.

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You probably already know why I don't like these songs -- it's pretty much the same reason most people who don't like these songs don't like them. Trivializing/exploiting lesbians in "I Kissed A Girl" and then generalizing/stereotyping male/female differences such as PMSing in "Hot n Cold." Blah blah blah, yes I know. I know that "I Kissed A Girl" could be read as a song that breaks down some of the walls surrounding same sex relationships or experimentation, but as it is pop music, I'm not sure how many listeners heard anything beyond "chicks! making out! cherry Chapstick! hot!" Meh.

Also, as a bit of a side note, Lady Gaga's song "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" is kind of lyrically annoying in the same way "One Time" by Justin Bieber is. The chorus is this:
And eh, there's nothing else I can say
Eh eh, eh eh
There's nothing else I can say
Eh eh, eh eh
I wish you'd never looked at me that way
Eh eh, eh eh
There's nothing else I can say
Eh eh, eh eh
To which I say: Then why'd you write a damn song about it, biznatch!?

Justin Bieber, "One Time," stop telling us you're only going to tell it to us one time if you're going to tell us about fifteen times:
Me plus you, Imma tell you one time
Me plus you, Imma tell you one time
Me plus you, Imma tell you one time
One time, one time
... and that's just the first four lines of the song.

I'm sure there are thousands of songs out there which are far worse than these songs, and I'm thankful I haven't heard them because then I might actually be infuriated!

Since I can't think of other songs that "infuriate" me, I'm going to come clean about a couple of songs by my favorite artists which have lines that annoy me ...

"All I Have To Give," "Rush Over Me" and "It's True" by the Backstreet Boys

I think between the songs, "All I Have To Give" is the most egregiously awful. And by "awful," I'm talking about grammar. (I am a grammar nerd.) I love this song, but the lyrics could've been brushed up a little ... I mean, "I don't care if he buys you nice things / does his gifts come from the heart?" and "Does he leave (does he leave) when you need him the most? / does his friends get all your time?" There are other examples of grammatically incorrect lyrics in their roster, but this is the worst example I can think of off the top of my head.

Now ... "Rush Over Me" is not nearly as bad, as it's grammatically correct, but the chorus is written in passive voice! (I know, I know. You're probably laughing right now.) "Finally I feel complete cause / you are rushed over me yeah." What?

For a song that does not rub me the wrong way grammatically, there's "It's True." Poor ole A.J. gets stuck with the worst of lyrics. In "It's True," I am ever-so-slightly angered by this lyric: "Whatever happened / I know that I was wrong, oh yes." Why apologize for something you weren't even aware of being "wrong" about? I know I'm reading too much into pop music lyrics, but still.

The only Jordan Knight lyric that has really bothered me is from the song "Unfinished," which in and of itself is not a bad song at all: "If I let you down, just tell me now / and I'll fix it like a man's supposed to." 'Nuff said.

I know it's pop music and I've made something out of nothing. But if you knew where I went to college, maybe it would make more sense!

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