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Thursday, December 01, 2011

So far, I've noticed a pattern of the internet being down at the apartment every Wednesday. This must be remedied, even if it means purchasing the wireless access pass at school. Yesterday was the first day of classes ... looks like it's going to be a tough semester. I might even cry once or twice (or more) trying to learn this darn language. During orientation, one of the English-speaking office staff members kept referring to learning Chinese as "torture." I'm hoping it won't be as bad as it was when I was in college (and had other classes and extracurriculars to worry about), but we'll see.

Anyway, onwards with the blog I planned to post two days ago ... One of the nice things about living in a tropical area is that the fruits are so different. And flowers are cheap! You can get an orchid plant for just over $3.

Here are some of the fruits I've been enjoying since I got here:

For some reason, most of the oranges here have green peel.
At a restaurant, we were served slices of what seemed like lime, but they weren't tart.
Color me confused!


"Water apple," which I think is another form of guava

Dragon fruit ... the white ones don't have much flavor;
but the red ones are slightly sweet and juicy

And the other day, while returning from the market with my aunt, she recommended these cake-cookies. I think they're a traditional Taiwanese snack/dessert, but these are "Japanese style," from a bakery called Kobayashi. They were shaped like little hats (though to me, they looked like faces themselves) and filled with cream. Very tasty and fragrant, like vanilla.

The hats the cake-cookies are shaped like

I thought it might also be fun to play Choose Your Own Adventure, except with foods and what you want me to try eating here. This probably won't work, but let's give it a shot anyway:

Do you want me to try strawberry-flavored popcorn or a Korean chip that looks like chips covered in a bright red, blazing hot glaze?

Let me know through comments or via Twitter!

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  1. Please try strawberry-flavored popcorn! I'm very curious about this. All that food looks so yummy! I wish I could try it via computer ;)



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