Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! Or, as was once popular (among a very specific demographic) to say, Happy Chrismukkah/Chriskwanzakuh!

I got myself in the mood with my yearly tradition of watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas." After not being able to watch it one December when I was in England (and feeling especially homesick), I ordered myself the entire Peanuts holiday box set. I brought the Thanksgiving and Christmas ones with me to Taiwan (though Halloween is probably my second favorite, after the Christmas one ... it might even be my favorite ... shh).

(Chances are those videos will have been taken down by the time you see this, so if you want to watch, click here instead!)

Stopped by Hogan Bakery, which is an award-winning bakery nearby, and I picked up a couple of their seasonal goodies. Here are some sweet chestnut balls, which are flaky pastry balls filled with a little creme de marrons (chestnut "cream" ... more like paste), then glazed in its entirety in honey or some sort of sweet syrup. Very tasty.

And a cup of hot cinnamon tea (my favorite!) that I made sure to bring with me from home.


Hope everyone is enjoying themselves, spending time with family and appreciating life.

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