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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've been collecting photos of foods I've tried over the past month but just haven't had the opportunity to post yet.

This meal was given to my cousin by one of her co-workers. When someone gets married or has a baby or if it's just Chinese New Year, it's customary to give a "red envelope" containing money. Well, apparently when you give someone who has just had a baby a "red envelope," they are supposed to return the favor by giving you the meal above.

The meal above came with these red-dyed eggs ... I forget exactly what the meaning is, but some food item in this meal is switched out with another food item depending on the sex of the child.

A typical fresh fruit drink from one of the many stalls in Taipei ... this one's kumquat

My cousin brought this home for us to try ... they're a new take on your traditional egg custard tarts. These new tarts are filled with different flavors. This one is filled with cream.

Pretty delicious and also very, very rich.

My aunt gave me these cookies ... she said they're famous in Yilan. They're very thin and oval-shaped, slightly bittersweet coffee-flavored cracker-cookies.

An "egg" marshmallow ... I think the "yolk" is custard

What Domino's looks like in Taiwan

The mozzarella was suspiciously yellow, but it tasted fine. 
I thought it tasted better than Domino's in the States, to be honest!

I'm surprised that I don't really miss any particular food from home yet ... I think I "supersaturated" my taste buds with cupcakes, pumpkin pies and some of my other favorite foods before I left, so I got a little sick of it all. I have had New England ice cream cravings (normal for this time of year for me), occasional pizza cravings and an odd craving for warm chocolate chip cookies recently. I don't even really like chocolate chip cookies, but it does seem like an all-American, homey kind of comfort food. I discussed the origin of chocolate chip cookies with one of my Australian friends, and she didn't seem to think that they were American at all. Looks like she was wrong!

I'm going away for a couple days to the mountains of Taiwan ... should be interesting, if not cold and/or beautiful.

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