Food dump!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I realized that I've been holding onto a bunch of photos I took of food I've eaten recently, so here I am to stir up your appetite (sorry Amy!):

My friends and I had fried chicken for lunch one day, and we noticed that everyone was using plastic gloves to avoid getting their fingers greasy. I thought it was really funny and tried to use them for a little bit, but I couldn't help but feel that the plastic was melting after coming in contact with the hot oil. The fried chicken was pretty good -- not Popeye's, but pretty darn close to KFC.

These are ramen chips ... they were the rage the last time I came to Taipei (in 2000), but they seem to have mostly been phased out. I found these at the 7-11 in Alishan and rejoiced ... they are basically little discs of dried ramen with seasoning baked in. Delicious! (But probably not too good for you.)

My aunt and uncle went to some Christmas party and brought home these goodies ... this was probably the best cookie and best cake I've had thus far in Taiwan. The cake was mocha flavored, and probably an attempt at the bouche de Noel. It was very good, as was this shortbread cookie with chocolate icing and metallic sugar pellets.

On Christmas Day, my family and I went out to a Thai buffet place for dinner, and passion fruit was one of the desserts. I've never eaten fresh passion fruit in my life, so this was an event! It was pretty tart, but very fragrant.

One of my classmates is actually a native of Taiwan (but an American citizen ... I don't know if that even works), but she studied at the American school here growing up, so she can't really write Chinese characters. She loves going to afternoon tea, and this was from the first afternoon tea outing with her ... my caramel latte. Afternoon tea here can be pretty pricey, though not by NYC standards. My latte and banana chocolate waffles (below) combined cost me about $12-$15, if I remember correctly.

I finally went out for Japanese tonight ... it was a fusion Japanese place. And then we followed that up with extremely decadent chocolate desserts ... next time I do a food dump, I'll post those photos.

I'd be surprised if I haven't gained weight since arriving here! I'm going to have to do some major readjusting to the standard of living when I return to New York. Definitely not looking forward to that ...

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