Listening to ... Tristan Prettyman

Monday, January 30, 2012

When I study, I like to have some noise in the background ... partly to keep myself from falling asleep and partly (probably) because I grew up in the city and silence is distracting in an eerie way. Depending on what exactly I'm studying, I tend to listen to different types of noises ... if it's literature or something I have to read and memorize or take notes on, ambient noise or the radio is best. If it's math or something that requires repetitive writing (such as learning Chinese characters), any sort of noise will do, including television.

So I had old episodes of "The Hills" on in the background the other day while studying, because it was something I was familiar with and didn't have to focus on, and a whole slew of really good music came on during a particular episode. It brought me back to a time when I was really into this sort of happy, surf-y "California sound" (a lot of acoustic guitar and raw drum beats), and it really made me miss the U.S.


Among the artists I was really into at the time were Jason Mraz and his (now ex-) girlfriend, Tristan Prettyman. They are both based out of San Diego, California, though Jason is originally from Virginia. Jason's moved away from this beachy sound, but Tristan's sound has remained fairly true to its roots.

"Madly" was the Tristan Prettyman song that came on "The Hills," but my two favorite songs of hers are "Love, Love, Love" and "Shy That Way" (a duet with Jason Mraz).

I love that music can create such a complete mood and ambience, can pinpoint an exact moment in time (even if it never existed). 

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