Music Mondays are back ... "Promise Of A New Day"

Monday, January 09, 2012

One week into the new year, and I just don't feel right without doing something music-related at least once a week. Try telling this to my 10-year-old self who loathed, loathed music because to her, music meant sitting at a piano for an hour or two every day practicing classical music, which she hated (and I think I would still hate it).

Anyway, I'm gonna go "freestyle" with this Music Monday idea and not have a theme, because that can be restricting. (I say "freestyle" as a nod to Taiwanese use of English as slang. I still can't quite put my finger on what they mean by "freestyle" ... I've heard it used in a number of different contexts, including a description of how one drives. The word "man" is also used here to describe what I can only assume they mean as "macho." I think that's very telling, don't you?) For now, I think I might just write about a song that's on my mind or especially means something to me.

For now, "Promise Of A New Day" (1991) by Paula Abdul is on my mind, because it's a brand new year ...

I'm not sure any Paula Abdul song should ever really be on anyone's mind, but I really do like this one. (Although the music video baffles me ... not sure what waterfalls and sexy poses have to do with a new day, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt here and assume she went "freestyle.") I first heard it covered on "Kids, Incorporated" in a 1992 episode:

And I still think the vocals are better in the "Kids, Incorporated" version, sad to say ... even with Jared Delgin's total lack of vocal ability. (Ah well, he went on to Stanford and Harvard Law, so I don't feel too sorry for him!)

My favorite part was and still is: "And so time over time / what will change the world / no one knows / so the only promise is / a day to live, to give / and share with one another" ... nice words to remember in hard times.

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