Random Reads: 2011 and a Mormon sandwich

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's been a while since I've posted some of my favorite recent reads, probably because I haven't been doing much reading lately. Now that I'm getting into the groove of the student lifestyle here, I'm trying to find more time to do the things I used to do before I moved halfway across the world. (And since I'm struggling to keep up with normal things during this Chinese New Year break, I thought this would be a nice little distraction.) I've been collecting these since just before the new year ...

The Atlantic did a "2011: The Year in Photos" feature which I thought was really good. It seems like so much longer ago that the Japanese earthquake hit; this year has seemed like an eternity and no time at all all at once.

I finally caught up with one of my favorite bloggers, former "American Idol" contestant Brooke White. She collaborates with Summer Bellessa on this project called "The Girls With Glasses Show," and they put out this video for Christmas. I love it and it put a smile on my face immediately, especially knowing that Brooke is pregnant with her first child:

The New York Times Magazine has a piece with Cynthia Nixon on her life post-"Sex and the City" this week ... Cynthia is an alumnus of my high school, so I've always had an eye out for her, but I think this particular feature had some legitimately interesting parts, like her perspective on being gay.

Mitt's hair has seen better days ...
source: theatlanticwire.com
I have been mildly enraptured by Mitt Romney since his first run for president in 2007/2008. I know most of the basics on him, which might account for why I am so very fascinated by him: he's Mormon, he has a dual J.D./MBA from Harvard University, and he is partly/mostly Bostonian ... ish. Belmont, Massachusetts, to be exact (by way of Michigan). I know someone whose family is friends with his. His reign over Massachusetts coincided with my reign over Massachusetts, and I think he did fine job while he was in office. (I can't really say the same of myself.) Anyway, "Vanity Fair" did a very, very lengthy article on him "dark side" in this month's issue, with details that were previously unknown even to me. And I've virtually read 'em all, including the one with the exclusive interview with the man who prunes his "presidential hair."

And to leave on a feel-good note, a NYC artist deals with a lack of privacy in a very sweet way (The Atlantic).

Back to stuffing my face! I'll do a mid-Chinese New Year recap soon.

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