Bonjour, Richard Blanc

Thursday, February 02, 2012

On our way home from lunch this week, my friend and I decided we wanted something a little sweet to put a cap on our meal, so we stopped by at a pastry shop called Richard Blanc inside one of the malls here (I still have the tendency not to even attempt to remember names if they are written entirely in Chinese ... I should get over that).

Though I really wanted just about every sweet item they had in the store (including a package of sultana scones and a custard-flan cup), I left with these two items:

Margaret ($1.15)

Blackberry apricot pastry ($1)

Both items were complete hits. I had no idea what the Margaret would taste like since there really wasn't much of a description. It was crunchy on the outside (hours after I'd bought it), and sweet and buttery. The blackberry apricot pastry was on the small side, but it was full of compote or jam, which had a really nice sweet-sour thing going ... the blackberry being tart and the ("fresh" ... not sure they were fresh, but they definitely weren't dried) apricot chunks very sweet. I was very, very pleased with Richard Blanc and will definitely return to try more in the future.

As we continued our walk, my local friend remembered that there was yet another bakery she wanted to introduce me to, a little further back from the main street. We spotted Bonjour, a café-bakery, from the street and hurried over.

I took some photos of the interiors of the cute, French-inspired space but the photos seem to have disappeared. Here I did actually buy a custard-flan cup ($1.50) and a bag of bread ends that they had packaged as samplers ($3).

I had the custard-flan cup at Bonjour and photos of that disappeared with the rest of the batch, but it was so rich and creamy (and dense) that I was only really able to finish half of it. And it wasn't a very large cup -- maybe the size of one-and-a-half espresso cups. Here are some photos of the bread bag:

I was most excited about trying the pink one, because neither my friend nor I could guess what the flavor was. It was strawberry-flavored, and a tad too sweet, although extremely moist and fluffy. The dried fruit one was pretty nice, because there was candied orange rind inside, along with raisins, nuts and cheese (I don't think it was cream cheese ... it tasted closer to a triple-cream brie or something). My favorite, however, was the green-colored one, which turned out to be green tea flavored with bits of sweetened red bean chunks in it. I don't like red beans, but the green tea flavor was so different that it stood out from the rest.

The Bonjour space is so cute that I would consider going back for a cup of coffee or just to study, although there isn't all that much seating space. They had a bunch of pastries that I had my eye on but just couldn't bring myself to buy because I had already bought so many other perishables. I wouldn't be opposed to returning for more ...

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