"How Will I Know?", Whitney Houston

Monday, February 13, 2012

My first real memory of Whitney Houston comes from 1992, when "The Bodyguard" came out and "I Will Always Love You" became a huge, huge hit, but last year when I went through a renaissance 80s phase, I realized that I was actually familiar with most, if not all, of her hits -- even the ones that became hits before I was old enough to talk. That says something about how pervasive her music is.

My favorite song of hers, which has incidentally been on rotation on my playlist since about September, is probably "How Will I Know?" The message is unmistakably universal, and the video is just so much fun. So much so that my Halloween costume last year was an attempt to recreate Whitney's outfit in the video. Unfortunately, all my Halloween plans were canceled and I never got to wear it.

My other "favorite" song of hers is "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" ... this song brings back warm childhood memories:

The more we've been struck with sudden and unexpected deaths of major icons over the past few years, the more I've grown to appreciate the idea of celebrating one's life when they've gone, rather than speculating why they may have passed or mourning the fact that they're no longer here. Life is short and everyone will leave at some point ... it's good to focus on the positive and relieve ourselves of the burden of the negative, isn't it?

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