Listening to ... Jordan Knight and New Kids On The Block

Monday, February 06, 2012

source: Unknown, but I'd imagine it came from the New Kids On The Block

Actually, I haven't stopped listening to Jordan Knight or New Kids On The Block in the past year. I can remember the exact day I "rediscovered" the New Kids On The Block, and it's actually marked here in this very blog. That day was February 7 of last year ... another reason to "celebrate."

I'm not actually celebrating, but I'm dedicating this week's song to him and the other four guys in New Kids On The Block (I know sometimes it seems like I forget that they are an actual group, but I swear I appreciate them all ... or most of them). There are two Jordan/NKOTB songs I currently listen to multiple times a day, and those are Jordan's cover of "Tender Love" and the New Kids On The Block's "Let's Play House" from their 1994 album "Face The Music."

Both extremely sexy songs with completely different intentions and textures. "Let's Play House," to me, is a really playful and flirty song that sometimes makes me giggle because of its silly lyrics ("can you imagine / what we could do alone? / turn off the phone, I'll teach you passion" and "when we're together / I love to take off your clothes / undress you slow").

"Tender Love" is much more serious and mature, and Jordan's voice reflects perfectly the feelings between the song. My favorite lines in his version are "I want you more and more / can't resist you" because his voice gets husky, which I think really channels the passion behind wanting someone more and more, and the tenderness with which he sings the words "I surrender," letting it softly fade into the instrumental.

Sigh. One year later, the crush is still going strong. Am I too old for this yet?

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