A walk through Taipei

Thursday, February 09, 2012

A collection of photos from the past few weeks in Taipei ...

Went with my language partner (and native Taiwanese) to the IKEA here. It looked virtually identical to all the IKEAs I've been to, except the store was a lot more red, probably because Chinese New Year was coming up. There were red banners and lanterns hanging from the ceiling throughout the store. We ended up having lunch in the restaurant (I am a huge fan of their gravlax). I thought the menu here was different from the U.S., but turns out IKEA's just changed their menu ever-so-slightly.

The lime-marinated veggies were really good

My first salad in Taiwan ... and that's cooked salmon, not chicken

The entrees are slightly cheaper in Taiwan, in case you were wondering ... I think the two kids meals combined came out to be about $4, and each of the salmon entrees was about $3. Not a bad deal in the least!

Then my language partner brought me to the Taipei Arena nearby. I think it's where most pop music concerts are held, and sporting events. There was a kid's play center at the Arena, and an ice skating rink.

This was a sign in the bathroom ... typical example of "Chinglish."

Pretty lattes at a café my friends and I went to, where you could complete puzzles while eating and drinking. Although the concept was fantastic, the drinks were subpar and way overpriced (I think my latte was the most expensive one I'd ever had in my life, closing in on $6.) It was so bad I don't remember the name of the café. :)

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  1. How's your Taiwanese coming along? Are you improving? (hopefully more than me with my French)



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