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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So many photos I've taken that don't deserve a full post, so here we are ...

Paul's is a bakery-café which has shops globally (including the U.S., who knew!). Very early on, my cousin's wife told me it was her favorite place for brunch in Taipei. Instead of brunch, however, my friends wanted to go for dinner (an odd choice, if you ask me). Because Paul is mostly a bakery, I opted for some of their sweets rather than their savouries ...

This was called something like "Framboise Charlotte" ... it was really tasty. The "cake" was a mousse -- not too sweet, and very fresh and light. The raspberries were nice. I would recommend this ... unfortunately, it's been so long that I don't remember how much it cost. I did get it in a set, which came with a tea. I ordered a rose-flavored tea named after Marie-Antoinette. It was alright: definitely very rosy, floral and light.

My friends said that their savory dishes were only okay; the soups were sub-par (I tried a couple), the salads were okay and the desserts seemed to be their strong suit, overall. I'd want to go back for brunch ... their bread baskets looked pretty amazing.

Mister Donut. I first spotted Mister Donut in Downtown Crossing in Boston, Massachusetts. But it always looked like a seedy version of Dunkin Donuts (probably because it was located in Downtown Crossing!). I never did try Mister Donut in Boston, but seeing it here was kind of heartwarming. Around Valentine's Day, my friends and I wanted a place to rest after walking around Tianmu all afternoon, so we ordered a couple doughnuts from Mister Donut. 

This was some Valentine's Day special doughnut. I should've gone with the dense, cake version instead of the yeast doughnut. This was pretty awful, like icing poured over bread. Extra-sour bread.

MOS Burger is a chain fast-food restaurant that originated in Japan. It has a special item called the "rice burger," where the burger buns are made of rice, barley, and millet. I haven't tried that yet ... in fact, I've only ever tried this one burger: the chili cheeseburger. It was so amazing the first time that it's the only thing I've eaten since. And it's surprisingly inexpensive, especially compared to McDonald's -- for $4.33, you can get this chili burger with fries and a soft drink. The burger is smaller than those in the U.S., but with the extras, I still can't finish the meal on my own.

... and I have some pizza photos, but they're a very unattractive shade of green that I don't think I can fix, so I'll just say that I tried a rosemary-potato pizza, which in theory sounds like it would be a winner, especially since California Pizza Kitchen did an incredible job with its (chicken) potato pizza before they discontinued it. Not so ... I tried it at a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, but it had a bunch of gourmet flavors ... what they didn't disclose on the menu was that they would add corn kernels. The potatoes were flavorless, so it was essentially a rosemary corn pizza, and there was too much rosemary, so it really felt like I was just eating soap. I might try making this when I get home, with fresh rosemary instead of dried, because chewing dried pieces of rosemary is no fun at all.

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  1. What the what? I didn't even know Paul bakeries exist outside of France.



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