"Lost In You," Olivia Broadfield

Monday, March 19, 2012

source: Myspace.com
Over the past couple of days, "Lost In You" by Olivia Broadfield has been hovering in my mind. I first heard this song in either 2007 or 2008 and was just warming up to the more European electropop sound when I stumbled across it. I love its hazy, dreamy quality, and it really fits the lyrics to a tee. While I've never been in the situation that the narrator of the song seems to have found herself in, I've definitely found myself sinking further and further into someone's sphere, all the while knowing that it's probably not healthy and probably not going to end well ("I can feel heartache coming my way"). Still, it's "such a sweet feeling ..."

And then eventually, one probably reaches the point when dreams are sweeter than reality, which sounds to me like a reasonable explanation for the birth of dreampop ... yeah, I totally just made that up. :)

I also think it's clever when songs sound very different from the message that the lyrics convey. This isn't one of those songs, but the lyrics aren't nearly as sweet as the melody. They're kind of bitter and slightly acidic, in fact, which keeps this song from slipping into the pace of a lullaby and keeps the listener on his or her toes. Brilliant.

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