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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One of my friends here is extremely well-versed with the restaurant-shopping scene here and informed me about two weeks ago that a new café had opened up in our neighborhood: Mia Café (No. 235-2, Dunhua S. Road, Section 1, Taipei).

For my friend, there is probably no better standard to judge any eatery by than its fruit tea.

Upon asking, I think she discovered that it wasn't fresh like most other "afternoon tea' places around here make it. If I remember correctly, this particular fruit tea is made by combining bottled (or otherwise pre-made) fruit nectars and juices, then adding some bits of fruit. No complaints from my friend, so I think Mia passed this test.

On my part, I ordered the peach tea, which was much more unassuming than it appeared on paper:

It was okay; I wouldn't order it again. When I imagine the taste of peach here (or anywhere in Asia), I think white peaches, or a light, refreshing watery juice. Instead, they took peach nectar and mixed it with iced black tea. It was grainy and definitely peachy in the natural, preservative-free sense of the word. And there simply wasn't enough of it for whatever price I paid (at least $4, maybe even $6).

My friend ordered the mushroom cappuccino soup ... she asked the server if it indeed had coffee in it, and the server didn't seem to be too sure of this. Someone else came to answer my friend's question and the soup does not actually have cappuccino in it ... I think they used the term to describe the whipped topping atop the soup. 

Tacos! My, my was I happy to see this on the menu. I can't remember what was written in the description, but I just know I was happy to see the word "taco" and immediately decided to order it.

Decidedly not a taco.

But it was good anyway. I really can't remember what filling it contained, but whatever it was, it was pretty tasty. The salsa was really flavorful, and they sprinkled extra cayenne pepper (or chili powder ... I still can't really tell the difference after all of these years) on top. This one cost just under $10, I think.

My friend rounded out the meal with an order of fish fritters (not what they're called on the menu, I assure you, but I can't remember what they were called). I don't normally like fried seafood, but these were actually pretty good. The batter was nice and light, and the dipping sauce (I usually dip my fried seafood in malt vinegar like the faux Englishwoman I am) wasn't too intense for me. 

My friend was extremely satisfied with Mia Café. I was happy with the superb service ... the place seemed much more upscale and exclusive in both interiors and customer service than the prices reflected. On the first level, there's a take-out bakery with two cases of pastries. These looked delectable, but I was already full from my meal. Next time ... because there will be a next time.

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