Photo: The Grand Hotel

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Grand Hotel is one of Taipei's landmarks ... apparently Chiang Kai-Shek felt there was no appropriate hotel to house foreign dignitaries and ambassadors in, so wife suggested that he build the structure on Yuanshan Mountain. The hotel was completed in 1952 and, according to Wikipedia, is one of the world's tallest classical Chinese buildings. 

This photo was taken from the door of another building on the grounds of the Grand Hotel, where my family was having dinner that night. I've been a half-dozen times in the times I've been to Taipei, sometimes to swim in their swimming pool, to play tennis on their tennis court, or to dine in one of their many restaurants. The Grand Hotel lies on the "outskirts" of Taipei, so visits generally signify a special occasion for me. I think the dinner I went to this past week was the first time I'd seen The Grand Hotel at night, and I wanted to capture its nighttime beauty (everything looks better at night, right?).

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