Photos: Ice cream and coffee

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Vanilla-chocolate cone in Yingge, Taiwan

First decent non-imported ice cream I've had in Taiwan so far ... all the cones I've had from machines have been icy and not all that creamy. The chocolate-flavored part was still pretty icy, but the vanilla part was almost as good as the cheap stuff in the U.S.

It's sad when the $1 cones at McDonald's and IKEA are leagues ahead of the Taiwanese "made from fresh milk!" ones ...

And this one I just wanted to post for fun. I've been wanting to have a cup of coffee from Dante's ever since my very first day here, when I saw a handful of Dante Coffees on the way home from the airport. Well I finally got to try it, over 3 months later, on February 29. Tasty and reasonably priced ... and if you're a Jordan Knight fan, you might appreciate the "irony" a little more than the average person.

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