"Safest Place to Hide," Backstreet Boys

Monday, March 05, 2012

I haven't really believed in soulmates since I was in my early teens. I once thought this girl who I was very close with and had a lot in common with when I was thirteen was my soulmate for a summer, and I remember telling her that. She transferred schools two years later and we haven't spoken since the day of my high school graduation.

Backstreet Boys, circa 2005
source: clubzone.com
There were boys I thought were soulmates back then, too. I think when we're really young, we try to find meaning in everything, but as we get older, we realize that life is just weird and complicated and we can't read too much into anything or it might drive us crazy. At least that how it's been for me.

Well anyway, I think without looking for one, I've finally found one -- even though it took me a while to realize it. Over the past couple of weeks, it's become clearer and clearer to me that one of the friends I've made here thus far could very well by "my other half" ... she's totally and utterly on the same frequency, perceives how I'm feeling pretty much right away, has the same sense of humor, has the same interests, loves the Backstreet Boys (hahaha), has the same temperament as me, etc etc etc. I didn't realize why I was so upset when she left (I'll be honest, I cried ... a lot, and that is not at all normal of me, especially over someone I'd known for 3 months), but in private, when I read her card where she wrote that she felt she'd known me forever, it finally started clicking.

I'm pretty sure "Safest Place To Hide" by the Backstreet Boys was meant to be some sort of romantic ode to one's spouse, but since I don't believe that all soulmates have to be lovers, I think a lot of the lyrics in this song ring true to good, good friends.

I love how low-key this song is, and how breathy everyone's voices are. Although it's still a pretty cheesy ballad, it's got some really spot-on lyrics, like "I know I promised you forever / is there no stronger word I can use?" And, of course, Nick's (and the beginning of A.J.'s) part ... full of clichés, but still nice: "You see colors no one else can see / in every breath you hear a symphony / you understand me like nobody can / I feel my soul unfolding, like a flower blooming / when this whole world gets too crazy / and there's nowhere left to run / I know you give me sanctuary ..."

On an unrelated note, how do you feel about the lyric "you take a look inside me and watch my heartstrings come undone"? Have you ever felt a heartstring move or "be plucked"? I have, only a couple times in my life, when I've been really, truly touched ... maybe I've just living one huge cliché!

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