"Saturday Morning," Rachael Yamagata

Monday, March 12, 2012

All this time spent studying now means I'm alone a lot in my room, my ears jonesing for some music. I spent all of Sunday listening to mellow music (perfect for studying) and discovered a handful of gems on my iPod. Who would've thunk I had such "hidden" treasure all along?

source: I'd have to assume this came, at some point, from RachaelYamagata.com

I have all of Rachael Yamagata's albums, but unfortunately, that doesn't mean I listen to them. Although a couple of listens to her depressing sophomore album "Elephants ... Teeth Sinking Into Heart" made me remove the entire album from the otherwise cheery playlist, I found that her latest album "Chesapeake" was thankfully more upbeat. 

And on a Sunday morning, what better song to listen to than a song called "Saturday Morning"? I've written about this before, the distinctions between the mood of a Saturday and that of a Sunday ... this one, I thought, was actually pretty borderline Saturday-Sunday and altogether perfect.

I love the mood the melody creates, but honestly, the melody is extremely monochromatic. If I focus solely on the guitar, it starts to annoy me at how incredibly repetitive and unvaried it is. But the lyrics are simple, sweet, and her voice is just the right amount of husky and lazy for the song.

I can't stop listening to this song; I'm obsessed. And it's Monday.

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