Sun Moon Lake, Part II

Thursday, March 01, 2012

[You can read Part I here.]

When we got off the gondola, we found ourselves at the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, which was basically an interactive museum of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. There were totem poles, mock-ups of houses, a show, a restaurant featuring aboriginal food, and lots and lots of cherry blossoms.

These were much, much nicer than the ones at Yangmingshan

This cracked me up ... random telephone booth hidden among the cherry blossoms

Part of the stage for the aboriginal show

Back on another gondola

We took a ferry across the lake back to our point of origin

So while Sun Moon Lake was indeed romantic and quite beautiful, I think it (along with nearly everything else I've seen so far in Taiwan) is a little overhyped. Maybe in another season or on a clearer day, it would've been an absolute stunner. 

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