Tales of A Blue Mug: Stroopwafel

Thursday, March 29, 2012

This blue, "plaid" mug has made many appearances in my photos since I've been here ... it's not a particularly cute mug, but it gives me a sense of familiarity (in fact, I thought my friend Megan had the same exact mug and asked her about it, despite the fact that I discovered this mug in Taipei and I thought she'd had it in Massachusetts).

Anyway, I decided to give it a storyline ... here is the first installment of "Tales of A Blue Mug," with stroopwafel.

I first discovered the stroopwafel when I was in England; it sat on the top shelf of a little shop I frequented after one of my classes, and after a few times of eyeing it, I finally brought it home with me. The stroopwafel is a hard, flat, thin waffle cookie filled with caramel. The first time I had it, I learned from the directions on the package that I was to place it atop a hot drink to soften the caramel inside before eating it.

The stroopwafel seems to have recently taken off here in Taipei. I introduced one of my friends to it, and we were at a Starbucks the other day when we discovered they were having some sort of Customer Appreciation Day and their version of the stroopwafel was on sale.

The Blue Mug

Caramel melting

Cute packaging

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