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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It seems that in the basement of every shopping mall here in Taipei, there is not only a high-end grocery store, but some sort of nice food court. My friend and I had a late lunch last week, so we decided on tea (and chocolate scones) at a place called Rose House. The funny thing is, there is a Rose House in New York City that I've been to before and really disliked. My friend assured me that it would be better here.

I opted for something that sounded really scrumptious -- something along the lines of a toffee cream tea (approximately $6). My friend, as usual, opted for her warm fruit tea (also $6). In the handful of times I've tried more western-styled teas and coffees here, I've found that it's really hit-or-miss. Even Starbucks doesn't always get it right. Milk, apparently, is really expensive here, so when you go to a more expensive place (such as Starbucks), they automatically assume you want your drink heavy on the milk and light on the everything else. Which is how I ended up with a disgustingly milky caramel macchiato once here.

The toffee tea wasn't too bad. It was definitely very creamy, but I think they used cream rather than milk. It was as sweet as it sounded like it would be, and it got a little overwhelming after a while, as expected. But it was nice.

Whether it was nice in comparison to other western-styled teas I've had here in Taiwan or in comparison to teas I've had in the U.S. and England, I can't say. It's been so long that I've had a nice chai tea latte that I'm afraid my tastebuds aren't at their most objective. Rose House gets a pass in my book, for now.

And I also have some photos of a Taiwanese dessert, its version of "shaved ice." We had it at a ramen restaurant, so it's got an additional Japanese twist on it ...

Red beans, vanilla ice cream and matcha "sauce" atop a fresh bowl of crushed ice. I'm not a fan of red beans at all, so I was kind of skeptical.

But the fresh matcha flavor really took over. It was really nice ... I never thought I'd think that something so simple and relatively healthy would satisfy my sweet tooth! I must be getting old ...

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  1. Oh, man. That shaved ice with the matcha sauce in particular sounds divine. I've always thought that the Taiwanese approach to shaved ice always hit the dessert right on the head...



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