Tuesday, April 03, 2012

After a string of hard days, my friend and I decided to soothe our souls with a little American cookin' ... we headed to Carnegie's, which is (apparently) a chain pub/restaurant. There are also restaurants in Hong Kong, Qingdao (China) and, of all places, Perth, Australia. (Why do they need a random Western-food pub?)

A really shoddy shot of the place, but it looks like your average pub (maybe a little bigger)

My friend ordered the fish 'n chips ($15.33) ... which came, without asking, with malt vinegar!
(The English way. The only way ... at least for me.)

I was caught between the meatloaf and the chicken and mushroom pie, 
but I went with the pie. ($12.33)

The chicken was a little overcooked, but the flavor was absolutely delicious. Creamy, buttery.

There were other cuisines on the menu, like Mexican and Indian ... Italian, pizza, even tapas! I would definitely go back; there was something very distinctly American to me there. Maybe it was the light scent of bleach, the way bars tend to smell shortly after opening ... maybe it was the music, or the posters of Bob Marley and Pink Floyd on the walls ...

And, on the back of a coaster:

I hope Roger's been reunited with his wallet ...

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