"City," Sara Bareilles

Monday, April 30, 2012

source: SaraBMusic.com
A brief search of this blog has made me realize that I haven't ever mentioned "City" by Sara Bareilles. How can this be?! This song was one of my favorite songs for at least a year, when I was struggling to come to grips with life in the "real world" after having moved back to New York City and what that meant, exactly, and how to find an equilibrium between who I've wanted to be and who the world was telling me I was.

This song is about all of that, and feeling lost and detached, unneeded. This song comes to mind right now, after a bad day, after a whole slew of emotions in too short a period of time. This song still provides a fair amount of solace for me, especially when it's not advice that I need to hear, but an affirmation that somebody else out there understands.

The song(s) that have really been on my mind all week, however, belong to a girl named Caroline Rose. She is an alum of my school and I stumbled across her music several years ago through the magic of networking on Facebook (I was in the same network, I had some of the same friends). Her music wasn't up for sale at the time, but now it is, and this weekend, I downloaded her first EP, the self-titled "Caroline Rose." I first fell in love with her music through the song "Let Me In," which sounds as if it might be our school, but I can't tell for sure ... but anyway, the rest of this particular EP is just as good (if you are into folk, acoustic type music). "Back East" and "Lay With You," "September" ... all good.

Her newest album seems to be a lot more Americana/folk-oriented and less to my liking, but anyway ... She doesn't have much of a presence on YouTube, aside from a few not-so-clearly shot live videos, so I didn't bother with it. Really earthy-sounding stuff; reminds me of winters in New England, stoking a fire in the fireplace I've never had, nursing a mug of hot chocolate, and home.

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