"Fidelity," Regina Spektor

Monday, April 02, 2012

source: Regina Spektor's Facebook
"Fidelity" is one of those songs I've known forever, but I've never really ... known. You know, the type of song you've heard a million times, whether in commercials or playing in the background on your favorite television show or at a friend's place ... but you've never really listened to the lyrics.

Well, I've heard them now ... I was searching for a particular feeling, and I Googled a sentiment, and this was the result. And the more I looked into the lyrics, the more "truth" unfolded before my eyes (or ears, as it were!). Regina Spektor captured it better than I could have possibly done myself.

"I never loved nobody fully / always one foot on the ground / and by protecting my heart truly / I got lost in the sounds / I hear in my mind / all of these voices ..."

"Suppose I never, ever saw you / suppose you never, ever called / suppose I kept on singing love songs / just to break my own fall / just to break my fall ..."

I love the video, too. It really gives you insight into her words and how there are always different ways of looking at the same thing.

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