Rama Thai

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love and miss cheap Thai food back at home ... for my birthday celebration with friends, we decided to try this more upscale Thai restaurant on the tenth floor of the ATT4Fun building (No. 12, Song Shou Road, 10th floor), across from the Taipei 101 building. My (afternoon tea) friend and I visited earlier to check the place out, and we actually booked a wicker "sofa" table on the balcony, with a minimum charge of about $115. Not something I'd ordinarily do, but it's Taipei and the cost of living is relatively low, so why not?

Rama Thai is considered more expensive, although I would say that all the Thai places I've been to in Taipei have been on the higher end of the spectrum, which is why I haven't eaten all that much Thai food since I've been here. The majority of the Thai restaurants I've eaten at have tasted similarly to the Thai food I enjoy in the U.S., but a couple have been spicier or have just offered dishes I've never before seen. All very, very tasty, though. It seems like you just can't go wrong with Thai food.

Well, except maybe at Rama Thai. At lunch.

Spring rolls ... didn't try these

Thai milk tea

Pineapple fried rice with shrimp, before

... and after, to show you the depth of this baby

The "after" photo is kind of misleading, as I didn't (couldn't) finish the thing all by myself. I probably wouldn't have wanted to, either, because it didn't taste very good. It was kind of dry, and heavy on curry flavor (which I wasn't even expecting to be there) and extremely light on the pineapple flavor I was looking forward to. And even though it was curry-flavored, it was still kind of flavorless in a way I can't even really put into words. It wasn't that tasty. Island Hopper (apparently unhoused right now, waiting for a new lease) in Boston? Now they do it the way I like it!

The alcoholic drinks menu

So since the food wasn't all that fantastic the first time around, we decided to load up on the drinks, which we'd heard were fantastic, and go lighter on the food. After all, the "premium" was more for the atmosphere and the view than anything else. 

(Trip Two) Drink one: Material Girl

Drink two: Tai Royal

The Material Girl was really nice, and very girly. Very, very fruity and sweet. I was a little skeptical when ordering the Tai Royal, because I thought it could either be really fantastic or really disgusting, and luckily, it was really fantastic. Although I'd say you'd probably have to be somewhat adventurous in order to like it ... it smelled a little bit like Lemon Pine Sol because of the lemongrass, but it was so flavorful and different, I loved it.

The sun beginning to set


Our view of the 101 building

I believe this was the Passion drink ... really delicious, like juice.

Our selections on our second visit tasted a lot better. We ordered the Pad Thai, some shrimp cakes and a green curry, and all were delicious. The Pad Thai and curry were especially good. The dishes were all in the $200NT-$350NT range, which works out to about $6.50-$10.50. Our biggest quip was that there is no official English menu. The regular menu is completely in Chinese and you have to ask for an English menu, which is basically a couple sheets of printouts stapled together. Better than nothing, I guess.

The Sunrise Forest ... by the time this had arrived, I was about to bust out of my jeans.
The drink was really heavy on the alcohol, and I couldn't finish it.

The other wicker "sofa" table on the balcony

Outdoor seating

Indoor seating

The stunning infinity "pool" leading to nowhere

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