Tales of A Blue Mug: Ramen

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm back with another meal in a mug! Sort of.

This time it was ramen ... a special type of ramen I found at a specialty grocery store. Ramen that comes with animal-shaped dried surimi (I'm guessing that's what it is ... and I only now learned the term for it from an internet search, so I might be very, very wrong).

Without further ado, I'll let my Blue Mug do the talking:


Soup base and seasoning


Tasted good, to boot! Also comes in panda, piggy and other fun (or creepy) animal shapes. 

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  2. Hello! Is this product available I the United States? I tried it Japan and loved it.

    1. Hi Dianne! Not that I know of, unfortunately -- I tried this out when I was living in Taiwan. I'd be willing to guess that some Japanese or Asian grocery stores might carry this, but I don't have any specific names or stores for you.