A week of lunches

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I've decided to be a little more frugal and eat lunch out of supermarkets, convenience stores and bakeries in order to save some money for Australia. I also get out of class so early now that most restaurants and cafés aren't yet open anyway. And now that the novelty of Taipei has worn off a bit, I think it's time to reign in the spending too.

Here is a week's worth of lunches ...


A seaweed, tomato and iceberg lettuce salad ($2.75) 
with a mini strawberry yogurt smoothie ($0.92)

The salad was really good, and came with a light sesame vinaigrette (I'm never going to learn how to spell that word, I swear), but I've noticed that most salads here in Taipei don't come with any sort of protein. The ones that do are almost exorbitantly priced, in comparison. No forks available in the food court of the Breeze Center, so chopsticks were used to eat this salad.

(The lighting was atrocious because the dining tables at the Breeze Center are backlit, somehow.)


Back at the Breeze Center for lunch on Day Two. This is a sashimi rice bowl ($6), with cubed pieces of raw tuna, salmon and a white fish whose name I will never know ... sweet (!?) egg, shrimp, cucumbers and fish eggs. I don't like shrimp all that much and I certainly don't care for sweet egg pieces, but otherwise, this was good.

Paired with a grapefruit green tea (approximately $0.85), which is a new favorite

My friend got some udon noodles, which came in what looked like a wooden tub one might churn butter in ... 


The next lunch was simple; I wasn't too hungry, and it turned out not being that great anyway ... tuna sushi (about $2.80) from Sogo, the department store.

My friend said hers wasn't great either ... oh well. Lesson learned.


Got this German hot dog bun thingy ($2.75) ... oh my, it was good ... and very, very chewy.

Pickled (?) mustard greens were baked into the bun


I was starving and short on time, so I sort of forgot to take a photo of the salad before I ate it. It was just a seaweed-iceberg lettuce salad ($1.50) from Family Mart, which is a convenience store like 7-11 here.

Apparently it's salad sauce here, not dressing!

Oddly enough, I thought this seaweed salad tasted much better than the version I'd eaten at Breeze Center. I think it's all in the sauce. ;)

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