Day Two in Tokyo: Imperial Palace and Shibuya

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

After an early night on day one of the trip, we started out bright and early the next morning. After making plans to go it alone to the Imperial Palace to see its East Gardens, my friend didn't trust me with the subway system (seriously? I'm a New Yorker!), so she came along despite being a girl completely unsuited for nature.

The walk towards the entrance of the Imperial Palace

There was a moat-like thing with swans swimming about

A building that is part of the Imperial Palace "complex"

I loved the trees

Inside the East Gardens

Not sure what these things were

My friend had me do some stupid poses

A funny sign

Breakfast ... a red bean, brown sugar doughnut (only okay)
and a sweet cream cheese filled "danish" ... very good

After having weak coffee for so long in Taipei, the coffee in Tokyo started taking a toll on me!

I wasn't hungry at lunchtime in Shibuya, but we went to another
"vending machine" ramen place, and this is what my friend got.

This is what I had ... the soy sauce was SO salty

It started raining after lunch, so I took some awfully shoddy photos

... and none of the famous Shibuya Crossing, I'm afraid

For dinner, we visited Omori, just one stop past Oimachi ... I opted for a dry noodle. This was THE saltiest thing I had the entire trip. I couldn't finish it at all, despite being hungry and feeling rude about not finishing my dish ... the sodium was beginning to make my throat feel raw.

Dessert at home ... they had Tim Tams at the supermarket!

Another beautiful end

Second day impressions ... I love how there is a (gourmet) supermarket below every department store, and they all seem to sell different things. I was accosted by an older Japanese woman because I hadn't flushed the toilet properly (the toilet was an automatic flush and I had tossed tissue I used to clean my shoe into it at the last moment, and it hadn't gone down) ... she was very angry with me and at first I didn't know what she was reacting to. She dragged me by the bag back to the stall and pointed at the toilet. I eventually figured out how to get the toilet to flush manually, and felt pretty frazzled for the next hour or so over the incident. Other than that (and some stomach issues caused by the coffee and maybe the toilet incident), pretty smooth sailing on the second day. I did, however, begin to grow tired of shopping. Who wouldn't, though, after nearly two days of 8+ hours of shopping each? Not my friend, apparently ...

Days 3 and 4 coming up next week!

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  1. Tokyo apparently has more green than where I live...which is one of what I like about Tokyo! :)
    You really love ramen, don't you? But I'm sorry most of our food are too salty for you.
    Did you go to any sushi restaurants while you were in Tokyo?
    It was your unlucky that you met that old woman. Usually they don't get so angry at strangers in a rest room...

    1. Haha, my friend really liked ramen ... the problem for me was that I don't particularly like fried foods, so I wasn't really into the tempura. And we didn't have any sushi while we were there, which I'm very sad about. I LOVE sashimi.



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