"A Drive in the Dark," Katelyn Epperly

Monday, May 07, 2012

source: Katelyn Epperly's Facebook page
This past week has been kind of an emotional baby roller coaster ... a lot of work, a lot of last-minute thinking and planning and doing, and a little bit of goodbye-saying. This song by Katelyn Epperly has been, for some inexplicable reason, stuck in my head all week. I've found myself singing the line, "... it's Thanksgiving Day, been a hard year, but I'm giving thanks anyway."

Katelyn Epperly was a contestant during the ninth season of "American Idol," in 2010. Just as quickly as she became my favorite contestant, she was voted off. I thought she had so much space to grow and express herself on the show, but things happen for a reason, don't they?

Of all the original songs she's released, "A Drive in the Dark" is my favorite one, tied with her cover of "Prelude to A Kiss." It's sad, it's hopeful and sentimental, and just so pretty. "Sittin' on the swings, askin' ourselves, 'Are we the women that we'd thought we'd be?'" I think the lyrics to this song touch upon subject matters that are very intimate and close to her heart, maybe painful. I love how she incorporates metaphor yet is still blunt about her feelings.

I don't know if I've told this story before, but the summer after that season of "American Idol," Katelyn came to New York City for a quick visit, and I met up with her across the street from Central Park. We'd only briefly corresponded through Twitter in the weeks following her departure from the show, but I was in the area late that night for work and I thought, "Why not?"

It was a hot, sticky August evening, and we met just outside the Apple Store ... we talked for about 25 minutes about her plans for the future and music and Los Angeles and New York City. It was really very nice of her to take time out to do that, and every once in a while we still tweet each other. The internet really makes the world more accessible.

Katelyn and me, August 2010

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