Tales of a Blue Mug: the Tim Tam Slam

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I'm back with my trusty friend, the Blue Mug. This time, we're joined by some authentic (not Pepperidge Farms) Tim Tams, straight from Sydney, Australia!

Do you guys know about Tim Tams? I first learned about them when I was studying in England and bought some McVities' Penguin biscuits on sale. (A "biscuit" in the UK is what us Americans call a "cookie.") For some reason, I Googled it and found out that I could do a version of the "Tim Tam Slam" with these Penguin biscuits. I did and it was so amazing. In fact (and someone might try to shoot me for saying this), I think the Tim Tam Slam done with Penguin biscuits might actually taste better. 

Anyway, Tim Tams are an Australian favorite ... they're kind of beloved, from what I can tell. Target began selling them seasonally in 2009, distributed by Pepperidge Farms, which is when I tried it for the first time. But my friend in Australia sent me a care package full of various Tim Tam flavors, which is when I had the authentic Australian ones for the very first time.

Choco Chocolate ... almost gone!

And, with the help of a nice steaming cup of hot coffee in the Blue Mug, the Tim Tam Slam!

Carefully selected Tim Tam

Tim Tam prepared for the Slam

And unfortunately, it is very nearly impossible to film nevermind photograph oneself doing the Tim Tam Slam. (If you don't know what that is, it's basically using a Tim Tam "biscuit" as a straw. You bite off opposite ends of the cookie as I've done here, and you dip one end into a hot liquid and suck until liquid comes out from the top. By this point, the cookie should have begun to soften and melt, and you "slam" the entire thing in your mouth ... a mouthful of melty, chocolatey goodness.)

A how-to video

I tried and I failed miserably and left a mess in my poor Blue Mug. Here is the aftermath (a little gruesome):

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