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Thursday, July 26, 2012

After Auckland, I happily made my way back to Sydney to rejoin my friends before heading back to Taipei. Originally, I was supposed to leave 3 days after returning from New Zealand, but I was talked into staying an extra week (wasn't tough).

Here are some miscellaneous photos from Sydney ...

My friend brought me to Maroubra Beach, where they have this "infinity" pool
(that's what I call it, at least!) built out of the natural environs ... so cool. 
I nearly went in for a dip in my undies, but I decided against it at the last minute.

Darling Harbour area

Look at the beautiful colors of the ocean ...

You can walk from Tamarama to Bondi (the Bondi to Bronte Ocean Walk), which is
just over half a mile away, but we ended up going for a late lunch before hitting Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach ... I know you've probably been thinking, "She went to Sydney and didn't go to Bondi!?"

There was an ice skating rink set up not far from the water's edge ... what a brilliant idea! Ice skating to ocean views ...

Spent Independence Day in Sydney, so I cooked up some burgers, potato salads (two) and double chocolate espresso cookies (not terribly festive, I know) for my friends.

An extreme close-up of my friend's burger

My plate ... look at how massive their burger buns are!

I took a ferry out from Circular Quay to Mosman ... you need to take a bus to get you to 
the more exciting parts of  the area, and I was ill-prepared, so I dawdled
for a bit before getting back on the ferry.

My last Opera House shot ... from the ferry. I tried to stick around
Mosman until sunset, but I was bored to tears. Next time!

Sunrise from the plane, somewhere between Vietnam and Taiwan.
I wish I could've captured this better but was shy about taking out my nicer camera.
The clouds, which you can barely see here, formed pillars, and initially I couldn't tell if they 
were natural monuments rising from the earth or clouds. The deep orange was blood red in person.

I'm actually sad about the end of my Australia/New Zealand posts (random notes aside) ... what a wonderful 6 weeks it was. It was the first time I really traveled solo for more than a handful of days, and in a brand new place. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, though I did get quite lazy without a companion to motivate me to go out some days. 

In sum, the cities I loved best were Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney, though I would have liked to have seen more of Melbourne to make a more accurate judgment. I don't know that I would have liked Sydney as much as I do if my friends didn't live there; the place is rife with great memories for me now. As for rural areas, New Zealand had it all -- dramatic landscapes carved out by glaciers, and the softest, most idyllic scenes. If I ever want to become a farmer or retire to the countryside, I think there's probably no place in the world better to do that in than New Zealand. Australia's countryside reminded me deeply of America's. Big skies, open land ... the landscapes were so similar in so many places. I love it all, and I hope to be back again sooner or later ...

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  1. Interesting how you found Sydney more fun with friends (though it makes complete sense!). I'm just curious though -- was it the fact that you had such awesome memories with friends that made you like Sydney more? Or was it the fact that you had these memories AT these "in-the-know" spots in Sydney that made it so great?

    1. Hmm, great question. I think it's probably the fact that I made good memories with friends that made me like Sydney more, not that they brought me to their favorite places. I think they could've brought me to a dump and I would've been happy haha. In fact, that sorta happened ... my friend tried to find the best banana milkshake in Sydney for me, and we ended up at the creepiest "milk bar" that looked like it was frozen in time. The owner doesn't even turn the lights on! Before we even made it in, we'd collapsed outside on the sidewalk laughing about it ... it was definitely something I'll never forget.



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