Port Macquarie

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

We did a quick weekend trip to Port Macquarie … I was given a choice between Port Macquarie and Port Stephen and I chose this based purely on photographs off of Google Images.

We rose at 3am after a night of fitful sleep, and I was in charge of keeping the driver awake. Breakfast was KFC mashed potatoes and gravy at 4am, and we arrived after nearly 5 hours in Port Macquarie.


After brunch, we went whale watching (not my favorite activity). The ride was extremely bumpy and I thought I would lose my lunch, but after the waves subsided, it was more like a thrill ride, and we saw many humpback whales, and even saw a pair do a “double barrel” (I think that’s what it was called), which was a simultaneous jump out of the water.

Part of 4 kilometer walk up the coast

The lighthouse at Port Macquarie

Looked a bit like what I'd imagine Ireland to look like

The next morning, we went camel riding on the beach! Never thought I’d get to say that in my life … it cost $30 for 30 minutes and honestly other than the smell, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you if I was riding a horse, a camel or getting a piggyback ride from a really tall human being. They walked extremely slowly and getting on and off of them can be unpleasant, but hey, I got to ride a camel! And I didn’t have to go to the Sahara!

The guy who talked us through the ride was extremely chatty, and instead of searching the waters for potential whales or dolphins, I was teased by him (well, he made fun of the U.S.) for 20 of the 30-minute ride, which wasn’t the best time ever.

Afterwards, before heading back to Sydney, we hit up a koala hospital, which is where injured koalas are sent to recover. They were absolutely adorable and their individual stories were tragic (many were caught in forest fires). Entry is free, of course.

Another photo of me and a fake koala ...

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