Christmas in August

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm back, and recovering from both the journey and the jet lag. I've been so busy unpacking, washing clothes, making room for bits and pieces of my life in Taipei in my room in New York City, eating foods I've missed ... and unpacking boxes of things I ordered while I was away.

I had no idea how much I ordered while I was gone until I saw the pile of unopened boxes in my room. It was like Christmas, opening them all. In a completely materialistic post (how else would I celebrate returning to the U.S., right?), here is a photo of all of the stuff I bought while I was away. Some have gone back to their stores of origin, while others are awaiting use.

Warning: this post might be sickening for those who hack at the sight of materialism and shopping sprees. I promise I don't shop like this on a regular basis; this is the sum of all my American purchases over the past 9.5 months, and one of these items is my 2012 Christmas present to myself. I will not be buying anymore clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. until 2013.

Above all, I was most excited about these turquoise heels I ordered from Nine West either at the end of 2011 or the beginning of this year. I'd seen a photo of one of my former co-workers with teal/turquoise heels on and I was overcome with the desire to own a pair for myself.

Nine West Flax in "Dark Blue" suede. I was really concerned about the color, since every site seemed to show it in a different lighting. In some, it looked like a dusty light blue, in some it looked like a jade greenish-blue. But in person, they were exactly the color I wanted them to be: turquoise! I love, love, love these shoes and can't wait to wear them out.


I'm terrible at photographing my feet in shoes.

I was really looking forward to these Mossimo Kaelyn ankle boots from Target. I knew from reviews that the color was different from what they were depicted as on the website. They were darker, with more yellow in the beige. 

Even here, they appear to be a light grey, but they are more beige than grey in person.

What ultimately caused me to return them was the fact that they looked much rounder and larger on than I thought they would. There was too much room around the ankles and they almost looked like clown shoes on me. They were incredibly comfortable, though, from what I could tell, and were a really great height (about 2 inches tall).

The Merona Kalama ankle wedge boots from Target. I was concerned about these, because there were no reviews or photos of them being worn on the internet. Typically, Merona caters to an older audience than Mossimo or Xhilaration, so I thought maybe they would look more "cold weather" than "trendy." I really wanted them to wear with tights and dresses or skinny jeans, and I missed the boat last winter with Target's Patty wedges. Looking at the stats, these had a taller shaft height than most "trendy" versions of the sand boots and I thought that might translate to a more awkward cut at the ankle.

But they turned out to look fine. And they don't have hidden wedges, which I tend not to like. They're also incredibly comfortable at about 3 inches tall. I can't wait to wear these out.

Blurry again, but the cut wasn't too high.

I ordered these mugs in early September of last year and they didn't arrive until around Christmas time. This was part of the Missoni for Target collection, and the mugs are MASSIVE.

My first designer purse purchase ... Kate Spade's Cobble Hill Kori in Cinnabar. I was torn between black and this color (which appears much more red in my photos; it's actually coral and not as intense as it appears in all my photos), as I'd originally wanted a practical black bag for traveling and the like. But the design of the Kori seemed kind of mature and dull to begin with, so I went with Cinnabar. 

This is the photo that comes closest to the real Cinnabar color.

I was slightly concerned that the Cobble Hill Kori might be TOO big for me (I'm petite), but it's not. It's big enough to fit my Macbook Pro and much more, but I'm not sure how much weight it can support. It'll definitely be a good bag to travel with, and the color is just so lovely. I didn't photograph the inside of the bag, but it's got thin black and white vertical stripes with a Cinnabar-colored lining around its inner pockets. 

Can you guess what might be in this small box?

Seriously, Target? Come on, you can do better than that.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Peppermint Twist. I'll be saving this for Christmas.

I made my first ever online Zara purchase. Nice packaging ...

I have a thing for yellow dresses ... this is the front of the dress, which is quite sheer.

This is the back.

Also got this mesh polka dot top. This fits me oddly ... will probably try to sell it.

This is the back.

A Target dress (Xhilaration Sleeveless dress in Jade Floral). It looks a little different than it does online, but I still like it.

It comes with a black slip and a thin black belt.

Also from Target, Xhilaration lace dress in cream. This came in coral, black, turquoise and fuchsia too.

It has an exposed zipper.

Winter slippers from Aerie.

Gold Sam Edelman for American Eagle Outfitters flats ... they are warmer, more yellow in person.

Cheerful flannel skinny PJ pants from Aerie.

I've been looking for a new "signature" perfume since Marc Jacobs Essence was discontinued. I loved that it was different -- not too feminine, and creamy. This is Flora Eau de Fraîche, which is a crisper, lighter, fresher version of Flora by Gucci. It seems more lighthearted, a little less cloying and more daytime. And it is probably in many of the same floral families as Marc Jacobs Essence.

Sephora was having a big sale when I ordered Flora by Gucci, so I ordered two tubs of Philosophy body scrub: The Gingerbread Man and Candy Cane. I also ordered a bottle of Candy Cane body wash. I haven't tried The Gingerbread Man yet -- I'm waiting until it gets colder, since I heard it is warming. In spite of the fact that Candy Cane is obviously a holiday scent, I find that it's perfect for the summertime when it's just too hot and you want to cool your skin down. And it smells wonderful.

I got a bunch of samples, as is the norm, with my order. Among them: Fresh Lip balms.

I've heard so many good things about these balms ... as with many Fresh products, these smell like lemon sugar. I actually preferred the colorless balm over the rosé. The rosé isn't actually that pigmented, at least not on me, and it didn't seem as moisturizing as the regular one. I really liked the colorless balm -- it felt really nice on the lips. I might consider buying the full size when I (eventually) run out of lip balms.

Last, but not least, a little vintage ...

Baby Jordan ...

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  1. I like your Kate Spade purchase! And the black wedge boots -- hoping to find a pair here myself. Also, that is so cool Sam Edelman is doing a line for AE... I wonder if those shoes would be available here as well. Also, welcome back home too! :)

  2. I like your Kate Spade purchase! And the black wedge boots -- hoping to find a pair here myself. Also, that is so cool Sam Edelman is doing a line for AE... I wonder if those shoes would be available here as well. Also, welcome back home too! :)



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