Listening to ... "Right Down The Line," Bonnie Raitt

Monday, August 06, 2012

I had no idea Bonnie Raitt's version of "Right Down The Line" was a cover until I Googled it to write this entry. It's a cover of a 1970s hit by Gerry Rafferty (another name I don't know). I've been interested in Bonnie Raitt ever since I got into the acoustic/folk sound (and of course everyone knows the wonderful, beautiful "I Can't Make You Love Me"), and while I'm still working on her acquiring her entire collection, I did get her latest album, "Slipstream."

A promo shot of Bonnie from the 1970s
I've found this album to be a lot more upbeat and country than some of her other material (that I've heard), but not jarringly so. My favorite so far is, of course, "Right Down The Line" which she's interpreted in such a fresh and funky way. I think if she were eligible for "American Idol" and Simon Cowell were still a judge, he'd probably say that it was very "current" and that he'd be able to hear it on the radio right now. Well, maybe not mainstream pop radio, but somewhere, I'm certain, there's a station that has this song on their playlist. The song is so simple in its message, and so succinct and economical in its words.

Overall, though, I am so drawn to Bonnie Raitt because of her unbelievable longevity in the music industry, and her fascinating background. She attended Harvard in the late 60s and her concentrations were in "Social Relations" and African Studies. She didn't graduate, however, because she left to make music in Philadelphia and then New York City. She's also very politically active and works with a number of non-profit organizations, which I always find so admirable. If celebrities and public figures can find the time to volunteer with a non-profit, why can't I?

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this song right now. Along with my usual slew of pop princesses ...

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