London and Stockholm in Taipei

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I haven't been watching the Olympics, not at all. It seems like Taiwanese television stations don't really want to give too much air time to the Games, other than between the hours of 11pm and 6am. I couldn't find the Opening Ceremony, but I've seen bits and pieces of Women's Volleyball and Basketball. Woohoo!

I got this mug as a birthday present, meaning I've been meaning to post photos of it for a long while. There's a Japanese store here called Afternoon Tea, which not only has a tearoom but carries housewares, textiles and other little knick knacks. I originally wanted this other mug which just had the word "London" "handwritten" all over it in red, blue and possibly black, but it was sold out. This one is cute, too.

I've noticed a lot of British/London paraphernalia in Japanese stores, presumably because of the Olympics. The illustrator of this mug, who has her own line/collection at Afternoon Tea, is Jenny Bowers and actually lives in England. She does illustrations for Vogue Japan, Kate Spade, Lands End, etc. While the mug isn't all that simple, I like that her work is simplistic and somewhat childlike.

The tray is something I picked up at the IKEA here in Taipei a couple weeks ago. I first spotted in earlier this year, and I figured I'd be able to buy it when I returned to the U.S. However, it seems to be sold out in the U.S. and not here, so I went to pick it up. I have an odd infatuation with these serving trays. I already have two others at home, also from IKEA. They're of identical prints, in a beautiful coral-red and a more demure navy blue.

Here's the navy blue one:

I've noticed that the Swedish genuinely do use these trays to serve simple meals, though usually breakfast, from what I can tell. You can see Sandra Beijer's nice collection of serving trays (and breakfasts) over here. Her latest one, the colorful square-shaped one with the birdies all over it, is from IKEA as well. (I have such an IKEA problem, along with Target!)

Here is a little bit of Australian (Continental Cup a Soup) inside a little bit of England on top of a little bit of Sweden in Taiwan.

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