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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I've been out of commission this past week after a fainting incident (my first and, hopefully, only) that landed me in the emergency room, via an ambulance. It wasn't too serious and I seem to be fine now, but as I'm currently unemployed, I have no health insurance and am holding my breath while waiting for the bill. It's not going to be pretty.

This was my first time ever in a hospital (other than a tour when I was about 5 of the same hospital I ended up going to), and I was admitted because they wanted to run some extra tests to make sure nothing was wrong with me before discharging me. Everyone was so kind and gentle and generally helpful -- which surprises me although it is a hospital and it is the ER and I am paying for it ... but it's New York City! It was 24 hours of blood tests (18 vials!!!) and button-pressing just so the IV could be removed and I could go to the restroom. Not so much fun. I think I may have also accidentally flashed a little side boob at my male nurse Robert. The one upside was that there were certain cable stations at the hospital, so I caught some of my favorite Food Network shows and watched some of my favorite brainless/nostalgic television ("Still Standing," "Gilmore Girls" and "Boy Meets World" on ABC Family).

The food wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But it's kind of laughable to me how (relatively) unhealthy hospital food is ... where are the veggies?

Breakfast: pepper, tomato, potato frittata; corn muffin; sausage patty; cream of wheat; coffee; milk; OJ

Lunch: Vegetable ravioli with steamed vegetables and garlic bread;
Italian wedding soup; tea; milk; chocolate chip cookies

Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things this week and next. Getting sick for more than a few days, no matter how minor, is humbling and always renews my perspective on life and how precious it can be.

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  1. Oh dear. I hope you are feeling better now. I also hope the bill isn't too much. We have free healthcare in Aus so we don't have to worry too much. I have a phobia of needles - I have yet to overcome this even though I used to work part-time at a medical centre doing uni years, so I will prob be sick-er if I need to take that many blood tests.

    1. Haha, it did take some time for me to feel I was back to my full self after I came home from the hospital. I felt weaker, most likely not from the fainting but from the blood tests! I am feeling better now, thank you :)

  2. Yikes! Although the hospital bill will be a scary thing to deal with in the future, I'm glad you're alright as well. Hopefully this will be a one-time episode like you already mentioned. Any idea why it happened? Hope you're discharged and on your feet soon!



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