"Sail Away," Connie Talbot

Monday, September 17, 2012

source: ConnieTalbot.com

I always thought I had the cultural tastes of a 13- or 15-year-old, but now I know I do. I've been listening to Connie Talbot's "Sail Away" these past few days, and as you probably know, I'm more than familiar with today's roster of teen pop idols. I think Demi Lovato's cute as a button, I liked One Direction before they even left "The X Factor," and I sincerely do hope that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber marry and have babies, even though I know it's improbable. But Connie Talbot isn't even a teenager yet.

If you have heard of her before, you probably know her from "Britain's Got Talent" when she was 6 years old and she melted Simon Cowell's cold, cold heart while performing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

She's 11 now and released a pop single this year which, apparently, is doing pretty well in some markets. I like it because it's pure, unadulterated pop and it puts me in a good mood like pop music is supposed to. She sounds much older than her 11 years, and the subject matter is about running away from your problems ... which seems laughable to me, coming from an 11-year-old, but I guess 11 year olds have problems too.

And it sounds oddly reminiscent of some late '80s/early '90s pop music to me, which I fully embrace. 

Speaking of the '80s ... I was in Target the other day and I strolled down the Halloween costume aisle to find that the '80s are making a second comeback? I remember when the '80s were retro-cool when I was a teenager, though style-wise, no one was ready in the early '00s to touch acid wash jeans, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and neon colors. Studded everything came back, along with jelly bracelets, "made in the '80s" t-shirts, and leather (or pleather). But I remember how '80s pop culture made a resurgence among my peers (and my friends and I created that ill-fated Culture Club club). I guess 20-plus years later, the world has proved that it's ready to embrace the good AND the bad from the '80s. There was a small section of Halloween costume accessories (off-the-shoulder shirts, wigs, bracelets, etc.) devoted to the '80s at Target, in lycra and neon purples, lime greens and magentas.

Was the resurgence of '80s pop culture in the early '00s just among my friends, or was it real? If it was real, what does it mean for '80s to be making a second comeback within 32 years? Are we really that nostalgic, and would we have been if the September 11th terrorist attacks hadn't happened and we weren't recovering from a recession? I know I am really that nostalgic, but I think I would've been anyway.

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