DIY: Hydrating Homemade Natural Facial Mists

Sunday, October 19, 2014

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When I made my last big natural ingredient haul, I purchased several types of aloe vera juice which I used as a facial spray underneath my moisturizer in the wintertime. But as summer rolled along, I began thinking about other ways I could utilize natural ingredients to make facial moisturizers when you just need a light mist to refresh your skin. Facial sprays are a good way to rehydrate throughout the day during the summer and to get some extra hydration in the colder months (now that we're coming up into winter in no time), or maybe as a little pick-me-up after you've hit the gym.

DIY Homemade Natural Facial Sprays

Adding essential oils to diluted water, aloe vera juice, rosewater or orange blossom water allows you to customize a water-based facial spray to your dermatological concerns. I've previously written up a list of commonly used essential oils and their health and skincare benefits, which you can refer to here.

But, briefly:
Rosemary is particularly good for oily skin.
Palmarosa (or rose, if you can afford it!) is good for dry or mature skin.
Lavender and chamomile are good for sensitive skin, and promote healing (and sleepiness!) for all skin types.
Orange is good for brightening the skin, but be sure to apply SPF after you use it.

To create the facial spray, add 6 to 10 drops of your preferred essential oil to your liquid of choice (see above) and just shake before applying each time. I like putting it in a small travel-sized spray bottle and misting my face with it whenever I feel the need to. To prolong its shelf life, store in the refrigerator (which will give you the added bonus of a cold mist if you live in a hot climate). Since these are natural ingredients, try to use it up quickly -- within a month, if possible.

Chamomile Facial Mist

Okay, this is just straight up chamomile tea. Since chamomile essential oil is on the expensive side, the cheaper alternative would be to buy some chamomile tea bags from the grocery store and steep it. As I said before, chamomile is really great for sensitive skin, but it's also good for dry and mature skin. Chamomile also has a nice mellow smell that is said to calm you down and even make you sleepy.

Just boil some water and steep a bag of chamomile tea (or half a handful of loose chamomile flowers, which the Badia brand carries in a lot of grocery stores) in a small cup for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the bag and allow it to cool before pouring it into a spray bottle. Store in the refrigerator. I found that chamomile tea goes bad faster than the other types of facial sprays mentioned, so use it up within a month's time.

Homemade Rose Water

There are a few ways to make rose water -- some are fairly simple, like boiling rose petals in water and straining, but I went and attempted the "traditional" method, through distillation. This is NOT an easy method -- it's quite time- and labor-intensive and requires equipment like a brick (or something heavy that won't float), ice cubes, etc., so if you don't mind spending a couple extra bucks to buy the bottled stuff, I'd probably recommend doing that instead. Or you can just boil the rose petals for a less potent rose water.

Instead of writing out how I did it, I'll link you up with some resources that will describe the process better than I think I can (or you can watch a video of me doing it below):

+ Care2: How to Make Your Own Rose Water (distillation method)
+ HonestlyWTF: DIY Rosewater Spray (distillation method, with pictures!)
+ Free People Blog: Rose Water (boiling method)

Enjoy, and let me know if you already use any natural products as a facial mist (and what it is, because I love trying new things)!

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