"Heartstrings," Leighton Meester #MusicMonday

Monday, October 27, 2014

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Leighton Meester's been working on her music for as long as I can remember, and she's dabbled in several genres, from that ditty she did with Cobra Starship a handful of years ago to her role as a country singer in "Country Strong." She's finally releasing some original solo material, and we're finally getting to hear what kind of music she's interested in making.

It's pretty intriguing stuff. It definitely has one foot in '70s folk music, but is also many parts Jenny Lewis, some parts Mandy Moore (post-bubblegum pop era), and just a little bit Fiona Apple. It's female singer-songwriter without being twee or annoying. It's mostly sunny and languorous in that Saturday afternoon kind of way. "Dreaming" is a personal favorite -- it's a breathy, sad tune, dragged along by a drowsy tambourine. "Entitled" is warm and intimate -- it has a similar feel to "Dreaming", but is a tad darker and folky in a way that brings me right back to those cozy, sweaty pub shows of my college years.

You can check out the entire "Heartstrings" album below (via Elle.com), along with a video of her (and Dana Williams) covering Fleetwood Mac. "Heartstrings" releases on October 28.

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