Playlist: Late Autumn 2014 #MusicMonday

Monday, November 03, 2014

Storm King Art Center autumn New York playlist cozy fall leaves trees foliage upstate NY songs

Helloooo November! For some reason, this year earlier than most other years, I've been ready for the holiday season. Maybe it's because I'm knee -- no, neck-deep in schoolwork and would really appreciate a break. But anyway, I'm ready for all things festive and cozy, like crackling fireplaces, hot cocoas (that don't make me have a sugar crash because no work gets done), holiday specials, string lights, reindeer, sugar cookies ... all of it.

It's been too early (maybe not now) to listen to Christmas music, so instead, I've been steadily creating a Late Autumn playlist that brings the cool, and then cozy, to me. Some of the songs are cold  -- chilly, wet, uncomfortable, teetering on the edge of something. Others are warm, familiar, inviting, settled. And isn't that what late autumn is like?

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