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Monday, December 01, 2014

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I was making a playlist of songs I enjoy singing at karaoke the other day, which got me thinking: what do our favorite songs say about us? I did a quick Google search on the topic and stumbled upon an NPR blorticle that (along with Spotify) posited that our answer to six music-related questions can do a lot to say something about us.

The six questions are:

What was the first song you ever bought?
Mine was an album, "Music Box" by Mariah Carey, and it was a cassette tape.

What song always gets you dancing?
I always say "Love At First Sight" by Kylie Minogue, so I'm going to go with "All Around The World" by Lisa Stansfield this time. (Other songs, from the early '00s: "All For You," Janet Jackson; "Butterfly," Crazy Town)

What song takes you back to your childhood?
"Without You," Mariah Carey. I was apparently a morose child.

What is your perfect love song?
Of the six questions, this one is the toughest for me to answer. My idea of a good love song is one that ends tragically, which is probably not everyone else's idea of a "perfect" love song. I also like nostalgic "first love" types of love songs. But my official answer is "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac.

"Chasing Cars" danced into my mind for some reason, though I'm not really a Snow Patrol fan nor do I even really love that song. I suppose that'd fall under the category of "first love" songs. Other"first love" songs: "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry is fun; "Dancing Away With My Heart," Lady Antebellum; "Magic," Colbie Caillat; "Fallin' For You," Colbie Caillat.

What song would you want at your funeral?
An upbeat Backstreet Boys song, most likely. Or Eva Cassidy's version of "Fields of Gold." Or BSB's "Welcome To My Heart," which could double as a wedding song. Morbid.

Time for an encore. One last song that makes you, you.
"Long Way" by Antje Duvekot ... this has been one of my standbys for nearly a decade now. It's quiet, detailed, about nature and travel, long-winded, curious, confused.

Also: "Slow Pony Home," The Weepies; "Prelude To A Kiss," Alicia Keys; "Use Somebody," Kings of Leon (I guess?)

What about you? Do you think these six questions give much insight into who you are? I don't really think so ... the only telling questions for me are the perfect love song and funeral song. A song that makes you you will likely change as you grow and is merely a reflection of how you view yourself in the moment, however long that moment may last.

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