2015, here we go! (And getting a little bit personal.)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hello, everyone. I know it's practically February, but it's been a while (nearly two months) since I last wrote in here, which is unlike me. Finals season was pretty hectic, and my 3-week break was nearly as hectic. But I'm back at school and this semester promises to be no less hectic than the last, so I'm not making any grandiose promises just yet about updates and such.

But how are you doing? How has 2015 been treating you so far? Good, I hope.

(End one-ended conversation.)

I finish my graduate program at the end of 2015, so things will be changing a lot ... as usual. Since I started this blog on January 1, 2011, my life has been pretty unstable. I've had bouts of wanderlust and have seriously questioned my life's path. I went from working in the television industry in New York City to studying Mandarin Chinese in Taipei. During that trip, I hit up some places I'd long wanted to see and fell in love with Australia. I moved back to New York, considered moving to Sydney for a minute, then moved briefly to south Florida -- which I did not discuss here at all. And now I'm in graduate school in the Midwest! ("Winter" is a lifestyle here, and I don't think it's a lifestyle I will ever truly embrace.)

Where I go when my program ends is completely up in the air and I am open (as usual?). I still have dreams of moving to California, so this might be my chance. It's funny, looking back, that I feel in many ways in the same place as I was when I graduated from college nearly a decade ago. I longed to moved to California then and tried for a little bit to do it, but ultimately ended up back in New York City. In spite of my serious case of wanderlust, this longing has never really left me, so I guess it's "meant to be" that I give it a go at some point. (Although, if I could get a job and afford London, that would be another serious consideration. Thank goodness it's not an option.)

Some goals for 2015:

Post to Instagram more often.
I neglected my Instagram account for most of 2014, and I realized this during the holiday season. If I can find things to take pictures of during my dull days shuffling back-and-forth between my school building, home, and my internship, I will.

Read 30 minutes a day.
This is ambitious, because even when I didn't have 4 graduate classes to read for and an internship, I didn't read 30 minutes a day. My conservative goal is to read 10 books this year and I think I can reach that goal, but ideally, I'd like to read to more than 10.

Eat at most two pieces of candy a day.
This seems silly, but when I was in my teens (and eating like a one-person sugar and junk food factory), I thought in my early twenties, I'd magically have the drive to start eating healthily. Now that I'm nearly 30, I think it's time to start taking small steps towards actually living more healthily. Plus, the ever-wise Lorelai Gilmore once said, "It's expensive to slowly rot your insides, isn't it?"

Be more social.

Explore more.
I have never lived in the Midwest. The only time I'd ever been to the Midwest prior to moving here was visiting Chicago in the dead of winter 2007. I've gotten to know some of the locals through my internship here and driven through a number of towns, but otherwise, I have not seen much. I'd like to do more of that, especially once winter thaws.

And of course, I'd like to post more here. I haven't had much time to really listen to new music or cook much else besides pasta and fried rice (my soul is dying, can you hear it?), so my Music Mondays and recipe shares have been negligible. I'll find something to write, though, even if it is short and sweet.

Happy 2015 -- make it a great one!

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