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Monday, February 29, 2016

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I get a lot of e-mails about newly-released music. Hundreds a day, in fact. It takes me weeks to clear out and file these e-mails in such a way that I can listen to or write about any of them in a timely manner. This means I'm usually a few weeks behind less-publicized new releases. I received an e-mail from Canadian singer-songwriter Merival nearly a month-and-a-half ago and am regretfully only getting to it now. "Regretfully" because it is wonderful.

Released on January 29th, "Lovers" is Merival's (Anna Horvath) third EP. She shared that each song on the EP was written before age 20; the EP's second single, "Kicking You Out" was written at age 17 and describes a metaphorical "kicking out" of someone she'd been in love with for two years.

With just a handful of instruments and her voice, Merival's songs summon images of hazy green hills and a quiet mountain life. Her music is bare, and it is over this that her voice bends and curves to meet the emotions of each song. She has spoken in the past of wanting to make her music available to anyone who wants to listen. As such, two previous EPs, "Easy" and "Panelling" are available to stream and download for free on her website.

If you are Canadian or lucky enough to live near the U.S.-Canada border, Merival will tour Canada beginning on March 17, in Guelph.

Photo: Merival Music

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