My Sweetie Pie

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I have at last found a dessert place that meets my expectations of what dessert should be.

It's a cozy dessert shop called My Sweetie Pie, but it also serves meals and your typical café drinks. I've had the lasagne there, which was better than a lot of lasagne I've had back in the U.S., as well as the brownie, strawberry pie, balsamic vinegar cake (I think this is their version of red velvet) and the chocolate cake. And the chai ... chai lattes are practically nonexistent at the Starbucks here, so I was thrilled to find it at My Sweetie Pie. It came in a small pitcher and was much more cinnamon-y than the Starbucks version, which made me very, very happy.

The strawberry pie (a little less than $5/slice) was really, really good, aside from the topping. The strawberries were fresh, but they were coated in strawberry jello, which also covered the top of the pie. Below this gelatinous surface, however, sat a very fragrant (I suspect they added some vanilla) chocolate pudding-custard filling, and the crust was nice and flaky. 

The chocolate cake was nice and creamy too, not too sweet.

I didn't take a photograph of the drinks or the balsamic vinegar cake, but it was kind of dry and not as amazing as my friend had made it out to be. I still prefer good 'ole American red velvet cake.

The downsides to My Sweetie Pie are that it has a $5/person minimum, but this minimum is not as strictly adhered to as it is in New York City, where each person must order at least $X. My Sweetie Pie seems to be okay with the bill averaging out to at least $5/person. Between my order of chai and my pie slice, I spent $10, so it wasn't a problem for us. 

If you don't enjoy dogs, My Sweetie Pie might be a problem for you. The owner has at least two large dogs who roam freely around the place. On the upside, there is free wi-fi ...

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