Photo: DJ Avicii at Nangang 101

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Was invited pretty much last minute to what I can only (with my limited trance-electro-dance music knowledge) describe as a 21st century rave. It was housed at Nangang 101, a huge warehouse whose insides eerily resembled the insides of my college gymnasium where, incidentally, all the crazy dance parties and would-be raves were housed. The party started at 10pm and included a line-up of DJs playing some sort of trance-Eurodance-electro mix (do I really know the difference between trance and electronic music?). 

DJ Avicii, a 23-year-old from Sweden, was the guest of honor. I liked him best only because he played two songs I actually recognized while among the other DJs, I recognized one song. I tried to dance, but how do you dance to trance, I'd like to ask? We stayed until nearly 3am, when the crowd began falling apart (in every meaning of the word). The crowd was very interesting; the most English-speaking crowd I've found myself a part of since I've been here, but also the drunkest, craziest, wildest, freest, gayest, sweatiest, nakedest, highest, oddest. Everything -est. 

I got stepped on three times on both my big toes -- once by stiletto, next by platform, last by a dude. I felt old beyond my years because I didn't know what to do with my limbs like everyone else did (but maybe they had the advantage of being high on E or something). Instead, I stood with my knees locked, bopping my head up and down to the beat (because, really, what else was there? No lyrics, no real melody) like an awkward boy at a middle school dance. For 5 hours. 

Despite the pain and crowdedness, it was a sight to see and one I'm glad I experienced. Now I know that trance-electro-Eurodance and I don't really get along. Perhaps with the help of some hallucinogens we might be able to ... ;)

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