Music Monday: "Skirts," The Other Tribe

Monday, November 26, 2012

source: The Other Tribe's Facebook page
I was watching an episode of my guiltiest reality TV pleasure, "Made in Chelsea" a little while ago and they were setting up a scene transition, from a quiet chat in someone's apartment to a "boys' night" out on the town. I'm always kind of interested in how something that was filmed a number of months ago (and likely in an entirely different season) can be made to seem fresh and up-to-date when it's aired on television. Well, in the case of this particular episode, the music definitely helped.

They used the song "Skirts" by The Other Tribe during this transition, and against my (quiet and maybe subconscious) objections, I suddenly really wanted to dance and go out. Subliminal messaging? I believe it! I don't know much about this group and actually had quite a difficult time identifying the song (Taylor Swift's song "Enchanted" kept popping up), and when I did and saw its lyrics, I realized just how much of a "boys' night" song it is. Sometimes clips of songs taken out of context are best left that way. "Skirts" is what its title implies ... a song completely devoid of meaningful lyrics and full of innuendo, but hey, it's still fun and sets the mood for a night out on a steamy, hot August night, even if it's early December and I'm  actually only freezing my hiney off in my living room.

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  1. My cousin is obsessed with the show. I haven't had the chance to watch it yet, still overdue on my tv shows e.g. breaking bad.
    Not paying much attention to the lyrics but this is a great party song. I'm actually having it played continuously atm.

    1. No one I know has ever heard of "Made in Chelsea," so I'm definitely surprised you have! I have a long, long list of shows I want to work through so I understand (Made in Chelsea probably shouldn't be too high on anyone's list, but I have to admit it's a top priority because it's so mindless and fun to watch) and I can't even make a dent in the list before I add another show to it ... there are shows from as far back as 2004 on my list.



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