X Factor USA 2012: Season Finale

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Source: TheXFactorUSA.com
I'm live blogging this thing again ... I feel like this finale should be bigger than it is, probably because it's such a big deal in the United Kingdom. I'm gonna try to make it happen, even if there's no way it ever will ... Two other TV programs that I wanted to watch are on during the same time slot tonight. Don't you hate when that happens?

I actually hate reality show finales, because they're always dragged out beyond belief. So why am I live blogging this? I have no idea.

Does anyone else think Britney's style's just gotten worse over the years?

I meant to check out the predictions earlier this evening but forgot. My feeling is: Tate Stevens, Fifth Harmony, then Carly Rose Sonenclar.

Really? They're gonna sing on the red carpet?

I've noticed over the course of this season that songs are recycled like crazy across the X Factor series. Almost one song an episode has been done by One Direction in the 2010 season. Like "All You Need Is Love."

Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom are awful, awful hosts. Particularly Khloe. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they were replaced next season.

"Hey kid, I'm Drew Brees!"
"... I'm Harr-eh."
That's monotonic, deep-voiced, slow-talking Harry Styles for ya.

I wonder how the introduction of "X Factor" in the U.S. has affected "American Idol" viewership numbers. I believe in oversaturation.

Holiday songs!?!?!?! *Hallelujah light sounds*

This is the first time I've really liked a country contestant on a reality show competition. But what the heck with the suggestive pink fairy dancers in the background?

I'm always kind of envious of the contestants from small towns because of their spirit. I highly doubt most contestants from New York City would draw a crowd with that much enthusiasm or pride.

Tate Stevens seems like a really good guy ...

I would looooove it if One Direction would sing a Christmas song. But I know they're just gonna sing "Kiss You." Sigh.

This finale so far is giving me hope. I see how it's taken a few tips from the UK version with its embrace of the upcoming holiday. The winner of the "X Factor" there vies for the "Christmas single."

But wait. If a contestant doesn't celebrate Christmas, do they still have to sing a Christmas song? That doesn't seem right.

How big can the bow on Camila of Fifth Harmony's head get? The saga continues ...

I think that Fifth Harmony, individually, are extremely talented and I'm surprised some of them didn't make it through as solo contestants.

There are many reasons why I am not and could not be a pop star, and one of them is the fact that I absolutely would not be able to hold it together on camera if they showed me video of my friends or family sending me messages of support.

Pretty good Christmas song choice for Carly Rose ... "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Every time she comes on the television, my mom asks me why they have to smack all of the 13-year-old out of her. And my answer to that is she is not 13 inside. I mean, have you seen her speak? I think the only thing that'll keep her from ultra stardom now or in the future is her personality ... she is so stiff and unnatural when she's not singing (and sometimes even when she is), like she doesn't know how to be a teenage girl. That's what happens, I guess, when you've been on Broadway since age 7.

Now I know how people felt about David Archuleta, except he seemed like a deer in headlights, not a deer wanting to smash headlights.

I hope we'll get some emotion out of Carly Rose in this segment. She's trying to hold it together now ...

Carly Rose, the 13 year old ... the only contestant not to cry. Not actually surprised.

Wow, those girls waiting outside the studio in Los Angeles are wearing winter coats. It's only 55 degrees Fahrenheit, 11 degrees warmer than it is here despite it being 3 hours behind us. Maybe the world really is coming to an end ...

I got sidetracked by "A White House Christmas," oops.

I just got a powerful feeling that Fifth Harmony was gonna come in third.

One Direction also came in third and were mentored by Simon Cowell ... just saying.

Maybe he'll sign them, but the fanbase isn't as strong/crazy as One Direction's was during the show.

Favorite Fifth Harmony performances this season ... coming within the past two weeks.

I hope the eliminated contestants will return later for one final performance. I wouldn't mind seeing Beatrice Miller's cute little face one last time.

How many costume changes for the hosts? Hmm.

My thoughts on the judges: Britney was incredibly timid most of the time, but still, she did something very right because her contestants went really far. Demi is a firecracker and I think she was a valuable voice, although I'm not sure what Simon thought of her quips. L.A. is leaving though I thought he was a fair and objective voice, and Simon is Simon -- almost always right. If Britney returns next year, I think she needs to step it up a little.

Wow, I've been silent for so long. These rambling finales aren't always inspiring. But One Direction is up with a set of giant lips!

Now that Zayn's hair is back to black, he looks like a monchichi -- not far off from what they called David Archuleta way back when.

I've seen this performance on "X Factor UK," which ended up with the boys completely out of breath at end of the performance, at the top of the ramp. Let's hope they've worked out since then.

Especially Harreh.

While I'm at it, I'm going to dream big and hope that One Direction somehow stumbles upon my little blog. My big message to the band is: EAT MORE, ZAYN.

But on a serious tip (90s boy band throwback line), what's happened with One Direction is just incredible. It's a real testament to how powerful the internet and social media are in all areas of life and business these days. They had a built-in fanbase by the time they made their first trip to the U.S.

This is the most beautiful I think Carly Rose's voice has sounded in a few weeks. Why does it seem like she always looks bored when she's performing, though?

I don't know why, but the Good vs Bad Simon saying "That's incredible" and "That's not incredible" cracks me up every single time.

Still getting a strong feeling that Tate has this. Even though he sounded weak singing "The Climb." Although any grown man would, I would think.

Number of people shocked by the outcome: 0.

Khloe, always saying the silliest things. "Tate Stevens! You have won 'The X Factor!'" No shiz.

Favorite Carly Rose Sonenclar performances ... both from earlier on in the competition.

... and my favorite Tate Stevens performance, incidentally, his $5 million (winning) song:

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