Kate Young for Target

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I've got another Target collaboration to share with you! I think I should just throw in my hat and anoint myself the pro bono marketing executive of Target already. Seriously, I am a walking, talking Target ad and all I get out of it is the 5% discount and free shipping and 1% proceeds to my high school (and that's only because I have a Target credit card).

I was happily browsing the internet the other night and stumbled upon another upcoming Target collaboration, this time with a lady named Kate Young, who is a Hollywood stylist. Target is giving her her own limited-edition line, with a focus on semi-formal, evening dresses and accessories. I guess this particular collaboration isn't line some of the others Target has done, such as the Go International line or the Shops at Target. I like that Target doesn't necessarily conform to a certain method or way of presenting things. Anyway, the past few designer collaborations haven't been wildly successful, so they may as well try something new.

Kate Young has actually worked as a stylist with Target for a few years now, in addition to being a Hollywood stylist (Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman are listed as some of her clients). And apparently she's already done a mass market line before with Macy's.

Here are some preliminary sketches from the line ... if the final products look anything like the sketches (and unfortunately, they often don't), I might just be picking up one or two of these looks. I'm particularly interested in the green minidress.

What do you think? Where do average people wear ball gowns to, anyway?

The line is set to hit stores and online on April 14, and will fall within the $14.99 to $89.99 range.

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